Best method to switch Piezo carts from Neutral to Special Edition

Can I just drain the carts and then refill with new inks or is there some other procedure? that will not contaminate the new inks. I could not find any posts in the Forum that addresses
this issue. Thanks for any information on the best procedure.

Larry Schiffenhaus

BEST practices would suggest you use new carts for each ink. It all gets down to your personal standards of quality and budget.
Good luck,

Second best approach would be to wash the carts out with distilled / demineralised water. I don’t have any IJM 3880 carts, but I’ve been told by another forum member who has tried this that it can be done, but that it’s mighty tedious. Whichever option you select, you’ll need to run a power cleaning cycle to get the Special Edition ink down the ink lines to the print head. Either that or several power cleans, or one heck of a lot of purge patterns. Carts-on-head printers are so much easier for this kind of thing, although cart washing is still tedious.