Best k7 quad curve for Fabriano Rosaspira Paper

Hi Im considering using Fabriano Rosaspira would also like to use Arches Platine, both traditional fine art etching papers. what would the closest k7 profile be for them for the 7600 be please. (and appropriate soft proofing profile for PRINT-TOOL/LR

many thanks

Dear @drxian because this is an uncoated paper it may require a limiting of the ink so that the ink does not make spots. This limiting is possible to do with the Piezography Professional Toolset. It will also need to be linearized/calibrated by yourself or someone else using the Piezography Professional Edition toolset.

Uncoated (non digital) paper printing is always experimental.

For now I suggest simply starting with the hahnemuhle photo rag curve and go from there.


Thanks Walker!
yes i realise its just the start of the journey.
i want to get close before i select the papers to have profiled.
so the Han Photo Rag is uncoated. thats interesting.



No, Fabriano Rosaspira, is uncoated.


yes i understand FabRosaspira is uncoated and was rather hoping there was an existing profile for uncoated papers that would be close. perhaps one of the “etching” papers profiles…
HanPhotoRag doesnt say if its coated or not at least on the Hannemuhle site…


which are all uncoated papers as far as i can tell…

sorry if I’m being stupid…

Please forgive the intrusion, but it’s RosaspiNa, not RosapiRa. :wink: :smiley:

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is coated. Hahnemuhle has several papers, such as the others you listed, that they make for traditional printmaking/watercolor use and which are uncoated, but they use the same names for coated inkjet versions. If you want uncoated don’t buy the inkjet version, and vice-versa. Your confusion is understandable, but fortunately the inkjet papers are sold in packages that clearly indicate they are for inkjet. For sheets, it’s not that complicated, but for large rolls you may need to be careful. Also, at least in the US (I deduce from certain peculiarities of spelling that you are elsewhere!) the inkjet line and the traditional art line are tend (as in always) to have different dealers. That may not be the case in other parts of the world.

Speaking of misspellings, have you ever noticed how frequently Platine is misspelled as Plantine, with an extraneous “n”?

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By the way, years ago when I had a 7600 filling with K7-Carbon, I made a handful of lovely prints on full sheets of Arches Watercolor (HP) and Rived BFK. I started, as Walker suggested, with an existing profile which was of course for a coated paper, so the initial ink-load was too high for an uncoated paper. At the time, I did not yet have the tools to make my own profiles, so what I did was to break the rules and use the the QTR Ink Limits adjustment in Advanced Settings to cut back on the ink-load to a level the uncoated papers could tolerate. A few rounds of trial-and-error got me to something that may not have been perfectly linear but worked well enough for the purpose at hand.

I’m telling this little tale as a way of encouraging you to start with the Photo Rag profile as Walker suggested, as a starting point. You will certainly need to make modifications, but you have better tools at your disposal than I did, and the end results should be well worth the effort.

Good luck.

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