Banding in the shadows - Epson 4900



I am noticing considerable banding in the shadow regions of digital negatives on a new Epson 4900. I loaded the new printer with original Epson Ink and verified printer functionality by printing nozzle check and head alignments along with a custom paper profile for Pictorico transparency film. Next I proceeded to flush the original Epson ink replaced with the Piezography Flush and printed successful nozzle check patterns, finally flushed again with the Piezography 4900 ink kit and filled all 11 ink positions to dual printing operation. Once again verified the printer functionality with running nozzle check to make sure the printer is working as expected. I have attached 100% crops of a 1200DPI scan of a sample negative to show the banding which is horizontal and aligns with the print head movement. The banding starts to become evident around 60% K

MK -> NU#1
PK - > SEL #1
C -> SEL #2
LC -> SEL #3
M -> SEL #4
LM -> SEL #5
LK -> SEL #6
Y -> SEL #7
OR -> SEL #2.5
GR -> SEL #4.5

Custom paper configuration:
Reference Media - Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster
Paper Thickness - 2
Platen Gap - Standard
Paper Feed Alignment - 0
Drying Time - 0
Paper Suction - Standard

QTR 2.7.5 / QTR QTRqui Windows 8.1
QTR Curve: PZDN-X900-Meth1-v2



Please send us a scan of your manual style nozzle check so that we can better advise you.

Can you see this micro-banding when you contact print or have you not attempted that yet?


I have not yet made contact prints with these negatives. Before jumping into making prints I would like to know if I have everything setup correctly. I also have printed out the same test chart using Hahnemuhle Photo Rag and related K7 curve and the chart does not have the horizontal banding plus the gradient is much smoother.

I am attaching a nozzle check pattern, the scan of the test target printed on photo rag and printed on pictorico.



paper has some bleed - pictorico does not have very much at all.
why not try to make a contact print and let us know what happens…if it is detectable then we can try and help you resolve the microbanding.


I should get a chance make some prints this coming weekend. Would there be any difference or benefit to switch to the ultra premium pictorico?


I did use OHP Ultra to design the system - but I can’t say there is any benefit to what you are seeing. You have scanned an extreme close up of the pattern, but lets see first if it is detectable when you make a contact print. Let us know.