Bad VLM reset chip for 3880 cart?


I have an issue with my recent order SO5921. I have filled the PK and MK carts, and they are recognized by the printer. However, the VLM cart is not recognized by the printer (at least as a VLM cart). I reset the printer x 2 but there was no change — the error was just for the VLM cart. I checked the Epsom OEM chip — it is inserted correctly, the pins of the reset chip are all protruding about at the same amount and appear to contact the OEM chip. So I removed the Epson OEM chip from the IJM cart, and reinstalled it in the OEM Epson VLM cart, which was recognized as a VLM cart by the printer. My conclusion is that the reset chip on my IJM cart is bad. I am certain that the OEM chip is inseted correctly, and that the reset chip is correctly seated in the IJM chip.

If there are other solutions to this problem, please let me know.

Johnny Brian

We’re gonna get you out a replacement control CHIP asap (not the cart). I think we may have an issue on the VLM control chips that are actually on the carts in stock but we also stock these chips separate.

So sorry for the delay, I’m cc’ing wells on this so he knows,


Thanks –
Johnny Brian

Wells sent me replacement control chips for two VLM carts recently . I mentioned to him that if you peeled off the label on the cart box there was another label underneath that said 3800-LM, which on a 3880 would be detected as the wrong cart.

So I looked at the chips on the carts a little more closely, and all of the chips except the VLM chip are etched on top with the correct ink and 3880. However, the VLM chip is marked 3800 – I guess that my 3880 can’t use 3800 chips?