Bad cart. or something else?

Recently in doing some maintenance on my 7880 I noticed the following on the PK cart (note this is the older “chambered” style cart not the more current “bag” style).

When I removed the cart I heard a slight “whooshing” sound (like a depressurization) and I noticed at the bottom of the cart there was ink (see photo – I don’t know what this pin is called on the cart). No other cart in the printer makes / made this noise and all are clean (i.e. no ink). Is this a bad cart or something failing in the printer? I should also add that this position produces perfect nozzle checks.


thank you.

looks like at some point you had a leak into your air pressure line. Gotta take the back cover off the ink bay and look at the air pressure lines to see if this was a cart or not (not this cart probably). It probably won’t effect performance.