B&W printing with Inkthrift CL ... what paper?

I have an Epson 7600 DYE version printer.

What substrate do you recommend when printing B&W and InkthriftCL inks?

is there a way to customize the inkset to get higher density blacks?

If you are using dye inks use a cheap paper (enhanced matte for example).

I suggest using our UltraHD matte black or HD-PK (pigment) ink as the black ink of choice though. It really doesn’t use much black ink when printing this way.

You will need to make a custom ICC profile to get decent monochrome out of this setup though.


Thank you Walker !

How much more density will I gain by using Ultra HD-MK/ HD-PK compared to the InkthriftCL Black?

how neutral are the three blacks compared to each other?
For instance could I print in Epson Driver “Black ink only mode” and get neutral blacks
or would the results be greenish, brownish, other?

First off please understand that you need the ITPro ink not CL.
You’ll gain a half stop density.
This is not an art ink (the InkThrift) so I’m not getting into their nuances. Like I said before, you’ll need to build an ICC profile for it otherwise it just won’t work out for you for what I’m guessing you are wanting to do (printing photos).


Thank you Walker,

ICC profiling is a given.
I am just looking for the best workable compromise to run this machine next to the P20000
and still get presentable and halfway archival outcome at a lower price point.

I am looking to replace the 6 color dyes with 6 “Claria” inks ,
so would you please explain
why would I need ITPro ink vs CL ?

I am looking for the density of Noritsu D700 black without the greenish hue.

I was warned to use this printer with Cone pigment inks,
as this would lead to head clogging problems.

Much obliged,

Cone color clogs less than Epson OEM. I know this because I was a customer for 15 yrs of IJM before I worked here and the data (now that I’m here) backs that up too. So you were being misled.

Don’t go with the CL. Please go with the ITPro. Those ink batches are newer and are specifically built for the larger piezoheads. Our CL ink is back-ordered until we can re-batch so again, please go with ITPro.

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Thank you Walker,
much obliged,