Automatic (unwanted) Nozzle Test Pattern

Hi Dana,

Each time I send a file to my Pro 9800 it automatically prints a nozzle test print first which gets cut. Then it proceeds to print the intended file I sent through. Might I have something checked that’s sending that nozzle test message? I can’t locate what that might be.

Thx, Ben

Not Dana, but when I get odd stuff out of the printer, it seems it is being held in the printer’s memory buffer. I’ve even turned it off and on and seems to print whatever is still in there.

Someone posted some buffer flush exe file somewhere, but I found one yesterday in my color printer that kept printing random junk and half pages. In Windows 8, I opened the Devices and Printers from the Control Panel and right-clicking it showed me all the jobs still in there stacked one behind the other (“See what’s printing”). Had to delete them there one by one. Drove me mad as to why they stay in there even turning the computer on and off and the printer too. More memory in your printer probably means more stuff hanging around in there too.

I know Qimage has a buffer flush and immediate kill switch on the panel above the editor’s window. Shows a Red X on the printer icon which tells me a file is in the printer that I can cancel. I can click it and it will get rid of it faster and then it works normally beyond that point. It happened during some second-pass GO treatment too that I wanted out of where it was going to cover the entire page but I didn’t want it too. I pulled up Qimage and hit the Red X and it stopped the GO ink spray and spit the page out.


Thanks Mack! I’m on a Mac actually, running OS mavericks. I’ll see if I can find some kind of utility to ferret out and sever the problem. No excess file anomalies show up in my normal 9800 printer queue which is why it’s so crazy making.

Hi benjamin~

I suggest initializing your printer, which can be done thru the printer’s control panel under the Printer Setup menu (at least I know it can be on the 7880/9880 model, but no longer have a 7800/9800 to check). I’ve had a few strange things like this happen with our printers over the years, and initializing them did the trick.

I hope this works, please keep me posted!
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: