Auto reset chips...the ones without the battery not resetting

I was getting ready to print a large print and 2 of my cartridges were very low so I pulled them all out and filled them up. I thought pulling them out would cause them to reset. Now I have filled them all but they are all still showing very low. How do I get them to reset?

I just read in another place here that it will reset when it thinks it is empty. Is this correct?

That is correct.

As per the instructions, the newer style chip is programmed to automatically reset when the cartridge reads empty in the printer, isremoved, refilled with ink, and reinstalled. Upon reinserting the cartridge, the ink level will be reset to full. This stylechips can NOT be manually reset.

It is really very important that you do not allow a cart to reset that is partially full - as it will most likely run out before you notice and you do not want air in tubes of your R3000.

The best practice is to wait until the carts read empty and refill them. Refilling takes the place of replacing them. But the practice is similar in that you wait for an OEM cart to be empty before replacing it. The carts are translucent so you can remove them to check ink levels. Please make sure that they do not run down so low that you draw air into the printer. When the printer thinks these two carts that you just filled are empty - please top them off with ink so you stay in sync!

So I finally had a cart show that it was empty and needed to be replace/refilled. I pulled and refilled all the carts and then reinstalled them. The printer did not show any of them being full and the printer still thinks the one is empty. How do I correct this? I have some pictures I need to print.

Can you post photos here? That would help. Also, did you reboot your printer? This is not usually needed but in this circumstance it could fix it.


What would you like pictures of?
I did power cycle the printer with no change. I also powered it down and pulled the carts then powered it up after reinstalling them and again no change.

I will be able to supply you any info you would like.

Here are a couple of pictures

In the picture above you can see the yellow shows almost full. Last week I did a head cleaning and at one point it did not recognize that cart so I pulled it and put it back in and that one reset.

Dear Brlowe. Thanks for the photo! This is a problem with all reset chips when you have selected one black and you are going to go to the other (in this case MK). What epson does is require the use of a new cartridge but what you need to do in this case, is print a few more PK prints until the PK resets to full. Then you can switch to MK.

We have a notice about it on our product page although you probably got these chips before we had placed the warning up there.

If your Photo Black ink reading is very very low on the chip and you switch your printer to Matte Black, you won’t be able to switch back to Photo Black. Normally at this point, Epson would force you to buy a new cartridge. When your Photo Black is reading low, keep printing until it resets, top it off, and then switch to Matte Black!

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A note: In this case you may be in a situation where you need either a backup PK chip (that is full) or to get an OEM PK cartridge in there. If your printer is stuck in the “switch-to-MK” mode it may not allow you to print in PK to reset the chip to full. In this case you need a new chip or a PK Epson cart.

I recommend getting an extra PK and MK chip to ensure smooth switching of the black inks even if they are low.


Should all the other carts reset or will they all do it when the matte resets?
I’m printing a few matte test pages to try and make it reset.

No, just the one cartridge will reset, then you will be able to switch.

So I got the printer to tell me the matte black was out and reset that one but then the photo black was too low. I had an old set of battery chips so I put the PK chip on with a new battery and reset it. That worked. Now going to try and install the other chip again as soon as the color change is done.