Auto reset chips not resetting on R3000

The new auto reset chips do not reset. I am having trouble with both the PK and Mk chips. I was able to use a battery manual chip for MK and so far it is working but the Pk chip does not reset. I am still using the battery chips for all the other carts and there are no problems with them.

Did you print until it reset? Or is it reading entirely empty and not going back to full even after taking it out and putting it back in?


My problem is slightly different. My PK chip was telling me that there is ink in the cartridge about 1/8 full when the cartridge was actually empty. I kept printing with the empty cartridge now the black ink is not printing. I have tried multiple cleanings and printing of test sheets after refilling the cartridge and the black PK is not printing. It seems to have lost its prime. The cartridge chip did not reset to full when I refilled it it still reads about 1/8 full as it did when it was empty.

This is the first time I have used up the PK cartridge since going to the new ink system. And yes I filled up all cartridges completely as per instructions when I started.

Two weeks ago I took the cartridges out to shake them up as per instructions and replaced them. This did not affect any of the ink cartridge chip readings to the printer and the printer worked fine afterwards.

I have been very happy with the Con inks. The colors are just as good as original ink colors as far as I can tell. The printer has been working fine until it ran out of the PK Ink.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Larry Carnes

"I kept printing with the empty cartridge now the black ink is not printing."

You ever want to print with an empty cartridge. If a cartridge is empty, fill it. If it resets to full, top it off!

Most likely what happened is the cartridge re-set early on and you pulled it and put it back in but did not refill the cartridge.

These carts are built to reset more often than they need to be filled so you will be simply topping them off every time. This keeps the cartridge from going empty.

You will need to fill the cartridge and do an init-fill using the Epson Utility program for this printer found at as you have run your ink-line dry.