Auto reset chip not sitting flush on cart (Epson 3800)

I was successful in installing 8 of 9 auto reset chips back on their respective carts after positioning the pried-off Epson chips correctly below them. The problematic green chip will not stay seated in its plastic holder. The plastic holder seems to seat fine in the cart. It is the chip that keeps popping on one side (the side like the inside of an “L”. (It is not and never was a problem with a poorly seated Epson chip.)

I’m under the gun to prove to the guy who sold me the 3800 that it does/does not have a problem and I need to install new inks (Piezo Flush carts) before the printer will even let me do a nozzle check. The USPS Priority Mail took 5 days to deliver my empty carts and flush, among other things, so I’m a little stressed.

So, any suggestion on how to get the green chip to stay attached in its plastic holder? Or will it matter?

Thanks so much.

Sorry for the delay, This question hit while I was traveling this weekend.

Please private message me the chip’s position (what channel in the printer it’s for) and we’ll get you a replacement chip ASAP.