Artisan 810 - No PiezoFlush Fluid Printing after 2 Dozen Nozzle Checks


I checked the FAQs and searched the forum but could not find any relevant information…

I have an Artisan 810 that I am attempting to flush the lines and clean the print heads using PiezoFlush. I purchased 6 EasyFill keys, 6 Empty My Capsules and a 220ml bottle of PiezoFlush solution. After filling the Capsules, pulling the vent tabs and installing them in my 810, I ran about 8 head cleanings and 2 dozen nozzle checks.

The nozzle checks are still printing in colors (cyan, lt cyan, magenta, lt magenta, black and yellow) and I have yet to see any pink PiezoFlush on the printouts. I checked the capsules and the PiezoFlush fluid levels are lowering.

I am leery of running any more cleanings as I don’t want to fill the waste ink pads or possibly damage the heads from too many cleanings. I’m also not sure if I should continue to run nozzle checks or how long I should keep running them until I see pink PiezoFlush being printed.

I have downloaded a 6 Color Purging Test Pattern and was wondering if I should use that to get the PiezoFlush into the print heads?

Also, when I do install the color InkThrift CL cartridges, will I most likely have to go through the same procedure to get color ink into the heads and purge out all the PiezoFlush fluid?




The Epson Artisan 810 has ink lines that go from the cartridges to print head, so you will need to do a LOT of cleaning cycles to get PiezoFlush from carts to the print head. I don’t see an adjustment program available for this model on the website, so am not sure if there’s a way to do an initial fill cycle (which would be a one step cycle to move fluid from carts to the head).

Are you flushing the printer because you’ve been experiencing clogging issues, or are you flushing between the inks?

Warmly~ Dana


Hi Dana,

The printer has sat for months and I thought I’d do a flushing to ensure all the lines were clear and heads were clean. Perhaps I didn’t need to and am just wasting a lot of PiezoFlush. :slight_smile:

Do you think printing one or more pages of the 6 Color Purging Test Pattern might be a quicker way to get the flushing completed?




Forgot to add… I’m replacing OEM Epson inks with your CL inks.

Perhaps now that the lines are pretty full of PiezoFlush, I can install the color capsules and let the PiezoFlush work its way to the heads. That way I won’t need to use so much flushing fluid prior to running color.



Going from Epson inks to our CL inks in a Claria printer model, such as the Artisan 810 doesn’t require flushing between inks. I recommend just installing the set of CL capsules, but don’t know how many cleaning cycles it will take to reach the print head, and normal printing will eventually look strange/pink as PiezoFlush reaches the head, then you will need to do an unknown number of cleaning cycles (or print 6-color purge sheets) to get pure ink printing again…