Artisan 1430 - QTR install script unable to create curve folder



Installing a new Artisan 1430 (K6) on Mac OS X Yosemite. Getting an error from the Terminal install script as follows: ALERT! **** Unable to create curve folder /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone/Quad1430-K6 ****

I have run permissions repair and a few delete/reinstalls but get the same message. Quadtone RIP/Print-Tool sees the printer, but not the curves. I also sent a note to Roy Harrington, but haven’t heard back yet. If anyone has experienced and/or resolved this please reply.


Updating: This required major surgery. Did a complete uninstall and reinstall of QuadtoneRIP 2.7.5, all profiles, curves and everything. Problem resolved! Before this I had been using an old 1400 with QTR. Maybe the switch confused the system.


Further Update: Roy Harrington replied with the instructions below that are much simpler than doing a reinstall. Wish I had thought of it before and I post it here for future reference.

“So go to <your HD>/Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone/. Do ‘Get Info’ command, at the bottom is Sharing & Permissions, they should all be Read & Write. You may need to unlock padlock at bottom-right to change. Make a folder Quad1430-K6 and do the same permissions on that folder.”


Thanks for the information bhiles! I’m glad you’re up and running :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana