Artisan 1430 not reading ink levels

I have a new Artisan 1430 printer and I have put in new Ink Thrift Cartridges. The first ones I replaced the graphic in the printer showed the Ink Cart as full. The next one I did it did not show it as full. I took the cart out and reinserted it and it showed full. I have replaced all the carts now and some show as full and some will not show as full. It seems that the chip is not resetting on some carts. Do I need to get a chip resetter? Or is there a problem with the chip on the cart. My concern is that when the graphic comes to the bottom of the cart that it will not print any longer although there is ink in that cart.
Any help or advice you can give will be appreciated.

When the Inkthrift Keys are new, they should be reading Full out of the package, this is unusual behavior. But from what I’m reading, after removing and re-installing these new keys/capsules they will actually reset to 100%? Am I reading this correctly? To answer your question about the resetter, yes you can use a SF resetter on these chips for manual resetting. But you shouldn’t have too if you are installing a brand new Key into your printer. BUT if you are installing a new Capsule into an already used Key (chip holder) before the status monitor reads the cart as empty, then yes you will need to manually reset the Key/Chip.

Thank you for the reply.
Where do I get a chip resetter?

IJM sells them

Thanks for the reply. I will get one next order.