Artisan 1430 (AUS 81 version)- cartilages not recognised

Hey team IJM,

Having many frustrations getting started on my PiezoDN journey…

Originally purchased a US version 1430 printer which arrived two days ago. Was faulty out of the box- with the far two right lights on the control panel flashing (rubbish bin and ink buttons). Contacted Epson and as per the manual they described it was a jamming issue- nothing was jammed so was put down to a manufacturing fault.

Rather than run the risk of importing another US model I sourced an Australian version 1430. I know they take the 81 cartilages versus the 79 cartilages, but was advised that the IJM cartilages should work (in theory). No such luck though- the Epson driver utility says they are third party cartilages and I can’t proceed. Any suggestions?

I believe the Australian version of the 1430 that works with 79 carts is the 1500w but can’t confirm. I will research.

Sorry for your trouble.


Edit. 1500W is only in UK. Shoot.

I will reply back shortly.


Thank you for your reply Walker. I did notice there is a very old thread about 4 years ago with similar issues. Wondering whether I can somehow switch the chips over hmmm

Where are you based. I have a hibernated 1430, chips and carts stored away so may be able to help. From memory, I bought IJM capsules and cheap carts and swapped the chips.

Hi Jeff- thank you for your offering of help. I am based in Rose Park, SA. Have you got the US or Aus version of the 1430?

It’s an Australian model. I’m away today. Contact me via and we’ll see what can be done. I need to dig into my carts and chips.

I’ve just swapped out all the OEM epson chips for the IJM chips. It’s interesting- as I put the individual IJM cartilages with Epson chips the printer accepts them. However once all six are in, the printer then rejects all six cartilages. Back to where I started. Any tips Jeff?

EDIT- just saw your last message Jeff. Will do- thank you

By mistake, I ordered the US IJM refillable 79 cartridges for use in an Australian Epson 1430 and they don’t work, and can’t be made to work in my view. It is possible to buy Australian suitable cartridges with the designation 81N. A google search will show a few Australian suppliers of “refillable Epson cartridges” or PM if you like and I’ll let you know the company I bought from. Getting them working required a fair bit of turning the printer on and off and installing and re-installing the cartridges but it all worked in the end. It’s worth the effort as the PiezoDN negatives are very good.

photo19550- thank you. I have sent a PM and hope to hear from you soon.

Walker- any idea if the new 1430 IJM cartilages are compatible with third party chips? From my testing they wont work on the AUS1430 with Epson chips but are there others that you can recommend?