Arlington, VA (2) 3880 Epson Printers for Sale

I have two Epson 3880 printers for sale - both are in good working order with all channels working. One of the printers has the Piezography inkset for digital negatives installed and the second printer has the standard Epson inkset. I recently acquired a 4900 which I will convert to B&W and do not have room for the 3880s. Price is negotiable. I would prefer not to ship these - happy to answer any questions.

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I am interested in the 3880 with the Piezo Inks…My 3880 died recently and this might be the perfect replacement. My main question other than age and condition is how does one ship the printer as I live in New York. Pleqse feel free to contact me at

I’ve had the printer for several years and the condition is very good. All channels where working a couple of weeks ago when I last did a check and I will clean and check again before I sell it. I’ve used the printer for digital negatives using the Piezo DN system and it works very well - but it requires some fiddling and a bit of experience for DN - I’m happy to advise. If you’re interested please give me some idea what you would offer. The printer comes with extra tanks and the flush gear. The inks are about 2/3 used. Shipping the printer would not be easy and could be expensive. There is also the possibility that I could arrange to have it taken to a location in New Jersey - across from Manhattan where you could pick it up - or we could discuss some other delivery method - do you live in Manhattan?
Best regards,Mark Godfrey

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These printers sound great! I’m interested in both of them and would be able to swing down to Arlington Virginia around early July. Feel free to email me at for the best payment method if they’re still available.

Thanks so much