Anyone printing with QTR via ethernet?



I’m curious if anyone else experiences slow print spooling when printing with QTR Print Tool using a ethernet connection. I have a 9800 with the network card installed.

When I had my 9800 connected directly to my workstation by USB, most of my prints (except for really large files) would start printing almost immediately.

Now that the 9800 is on the other side of the studio and connected by Ethernet to our network, QTR takes a while to spool and print jobs…like 4 or 5 minutes to spool a 16" x 24" image. They’re not huge files - typically, they are 16" x 24" 300dpi 16 bit tiffs. 150mb or so.

I don’t think it’s an issue with our local network. When we print color images to our Canon ipf9400 and 8400 using Mirage, which are also connected to the same network, we have no lag time before printing, and the files we send to those machines are much larger.

I’m printing with a Mac Pro running 10.8.5, 24GB ram, using Print-Tool 1.1.0.


I’m printing to a 3880 via an Airport Express and have seen the behaviour that you describe. It has been intermittent, and I’ve ignored it, but it does happen.


We always print via USB connection for the best communication, and have heard of some issues with eithernet connection. We recently got a 30 foot USB 2.0 cable, and are now able to print across our studio (or in the other room) without any problems.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana