Any Canadian Users?


I’m just starting out in piezography and was wondering if there were any users in my area (Northern Alberta).


We do have several Canadian users, but I can’t give out their information, so hopefully they see your post and respond to you directly.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bump. No problem - I wouldn’t expect you to give that out. With any luck, a few of them will see the post.



I just ordered an R2000 to do piezography. Are you still checking out these forums? There’s at least on other piezographer near me too. What ink did you start with?


Hi Larry

Good to hear from you. Sorry this took so long and hopefully you’re still around. As far as my original inkset goes, I bought the Selenium inks for the 3880.

I kind of got lost when all the website changes happened plus I picked up some large format (4x5) film equipment so not much in the way of piezography for a while. I just got interested in alternative processes (Kallitypes in particular) lately though and digital negatives and Pictorico are looking really interesting. I need to sort a bunch of stuff out however so it might take a while.

Send me a message when you get a chance and let me know where you are (I’m in Fort McMurray, Alberta)