Another Baryta Matt question and Piezography Pro

What determines when the the GO is used? If I make a print on the Canson Baryta Matt, using the Canson Baryta curves in the QTRgui and I use PK instead of MK, would the GO be used? What would happen? Would the ink smear even though GO would be used?

I have not seen a Piezography QTR curve for Canson Baryta Matt, but I’m assuming since it a designed as an MK paper, GO would not be used. When you print with MK on this paper, is there something about the print you are not satisfied with?

Image values determine which inks are used. The easiest way to see this is with the tool, QTR-CurveView. Open any QTR curve and you will see how each channel maps to image values.

Best way to find the answer to that is do a test and see what happens. :nerd_face:

Also, I found this description in the Product Attributes section for Gloss Chroma Optimizer

When printing glossy, semi-glossy and baryta papers both the Piezography HD Photo Black and GCO (Gloss Chroma Optimizer) must be installed. The GCO and PK are printed with Piezography Glossy Curves in QTR in a single print operation in which the inks and GCO combine during printing to totally eliminate bronzing and gloss differential.

For matte printing, the Piezography HD Matte Black must be installed. When Matte printing, the Piezography matte curves for QTR prevent the PK and GCO from printing.