my monitor is set at brightness-79.8,black pt.-.33,contrast-240:1,d50,gamma-220,priority-graybalance. not sure what gamut to use, used monitor native but would adobe rgb or generic gray gamma 2.2 profile be better?
using a gti booth set to monitor. double checked ink-ok. am using a 9890 printer with k7curves and the profiles for the type paper. just got an i1 pro yesterday and have an old macbeth 954 that i use on 8by10 film and prints. i could run a 21 step and send the results or would a ink separation be better? will

Hi Will~ If you could send both, they would both be helpful for me to see and measure to check your output. Please also include a printed nozzle check, and label your prints with the printer model, ink, paper, curve and other settings used. My address is listed below, and I will let you know once I have received and examined your prints.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

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