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I have a new problem with suddenly my LLK cart not printing at all. Figuring the answer would be here somewhere in the forum I started researching. I have spent the last hour reading 2013 and 2014 responses from Dana on this topic. I was so impressed by the thoughtfulness and diligence conveyed through her responses. I’d say the same for anything that Walker has ever helped me with as well. Thank you, and other community members, for all your input here.

Regarding my problem, (using Cone Color on an R3000) I found it much more rewarding to just read about other people’s fixes than to face the fact that if I’m going to print in color that I may have to figure out how to become a printer repair technician. ( I’m good at print head cleaning etc., I shake my inks and keep them topped up, and I’ve been printing a lot, so I suspect I’ve got something on the serious side going on.)



You may have air bubbles in the lines (or an empty cart if you haven’t already). If your cart ran dry this could be the problem and you’ll need to fill it and do several cleanings to get the ink back through the head. It’s the reason why we moved to the new 60mL (over-sized) carts.

And thanks for the compliments! We try our best. :slight_smile:


Lucky, me—a good night’s sleep and a few more head cleanings did it. :slight_smile: All my research tricked me into assuming a worse case scenario. At least when that does happen I’ll know where to start.

Have a good weekend.

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