Almost new 1400 magenta cartridge almost drained. Next step?

Hi Wells et al,

When you helped me with my dry?/drained? magenta cart (bought in 2015?) for the 1400, I was not near my printer so did not know if it was dry or drained. (I noticed that when I was trying to print almost black and white (RGB) files they were coming out in pink/brown tones) Now, putting it up to the sun, the magenta cart looks like it may have almost drained, since there is a little wet ink left in there. Does that mean I do not need to run piezo flush thru all new carts in the printer (since there would be no dry stuff gunking up the lines)? Should I use one of the new carts I just bought and fill that with magenta (since the drained cart might be defective?), or just try filling the one that has almost drained. I’ve hardly printed with that printer (maybe 15 sheets of 8.5x11 paper) but I’m used to a 9800 with 220ml carts so am not sure how fast the ink goes in the 1400 small carts.

Also, when taking partially filled carts out of the 1400, I have the printer on, which is what I do with my Epson 9800 with Epson K3 inks, so the ink supply counter stays correct. Is that how it works with the 1400 too?

I recently bought the 2 sets of empty 1400 carts, and Piezoflush (which I can still use to put my printer in hibernation I suppose), and a couple of other things, including a chip resetter if necessary when I refill a cart. (maybe take a look at my order)

What should be my next step?

Thanks so much,
– MIchelle

Hi Michelle,

Sounds like your 1400 is wicking ink out of the cartridge through the pad that the print head rests on. It may be swelled with gel or the accumulation of years of service. If your cartridge reads quite full but is actually quite empty - that would most likely be the result of a maintenance issue on a very old printer. Did you look at our video on how to maintain small printers like yours? You’ll find it on this page.

The 1430 cartridges we sell now are far more resistant to draining. So I would use new carts with your printer. The ink count is actually on the chip itself - so removing it on or off won’t make a difference. The chip is not actually connected to the ink supply but is the result of the printer writing to it how full it thinks it is based on starting from a 100% full chip and counting ink drops.

The chips on the new carts all read 100% full. They will auto-reset according to our instructions. But if you wish to top them off early, you will use the optional chip resetter.

You now have a chip resetter for the chips on the new carts? Or is this just specific to the 1430 chips?

The same chip resetter than we’ve always provided for the 1430 works on the new carts (and the old). Optional chip resetter for Epson small format printers | InkjetMall


Thank you Jon. Have not actually used this printer much yet (maybe 15 or 25 8.5x11 sheets printed?) so it’s not from years of service. I have not had a chance yet to get back to my printer, but just wondered if the cart did drain, do I need to do the cleaning maintenance illustrated in that video for the printer, given that there’s no smudging on the prints, or can I just go ahead and install one of the new carts for magenta, or as you recommend, all the new carts, without doing the cleaning maintenance for the capping station, wiper blades, printhead first, and see what I get? And can I use the inks from the old carts and get them into the new carts, or just get the ink from my 110ml bottles? Thanks so much for your help, Michelle


I am now remember your call to me about this printer last week - and you’re using old inks and carts and the like… I believe you may have last used this printer in 2015. So, what you are trying to accomplish is actually quite out of the ordinary. I want you to make sure it’s worth your saving.

I think that your goal was to put it into PiezoFlush and then let it sit again until you needed it and that is normally a very good idea. That may be really good for it as well in terms of reconditioning the print head. But, you should throw away your very old inks and carts. There are just so many things that are not good about using expired inks and cartridges that have sat for three years.

Fill up the new carts you bought with PiezoFlush according to our cartridge directions. The new carts may need to be filled differently than the ones you purchased way back. Check our web store for current directions on the cartridges product page - there should be both written and video. Install them and run at least 3-4 head cleanings - and then just shut it down for a while.

If the magenta cart drains again - then there may not be anything you can do. But, if you start it up and get good nozzle check again - DO NOT install old inks into it. Count your blessing and start up with fresh inks.



Hi Jon,

Thank you for all your help. I am back now in CA (normally in Michigan) with my Epson 1400 printer and want to get it working. I had not yet had time to try what you suggested. Looks like you think I need to get new inks. But can I test it first by filling the old magenta cart with the old magenta ink (and would this be before or after using the Piezoflush?), just in case there is a maintenance problem with the printer?

– Michelle