All Piezography printers removed

Is there a known malware or security software that would have removed all Piezography printers from my loaded printers? OS 11.6.4, Mac Pro (2013). I did have what appeared to be a security breach end go the week. As a result I updated Sophos and ran a complete scan and clean. Sophos was identifying a PUA issue.

Not sure why, time to re-install QTR + the printers though . . .

Hi Don,

I thought this was a PITA with my 4 printer studio!

I’m really sorry to hear that you have this problem, but it sounds very much like what I have been experiencing ever since “upgrading” to Big Sur (11.2.2) about a year ago - after every upgrade the whole printing system was gone. I would reinstall everything only to have it all vanish again after installing the next update. Epson driver installations were affected too, at least at first, though with the last couple of iterations they seemed to reappear when each printer was powered on. The QTR driver for each printer had to be reinstalled manually. In both cases, all custom paper sizes and presets were lost and could not be recovered.

When this first happened I spent an hour or 2 on the phone with what I think was 2nd tier tech support at Apple, but since the only way to make it happen was to install an update I couldn’t recreate the problem. Eventually the tech said see what happens with the next update.

Same thing happened … and again … and again … every two months or so until a couple weeks ago, ready to rip my hair out and take a sledge hammer to printers and computer I decided to try upgrading to Monterey. To my surprise the printing system was still there after the install completed. So far so good, but I won’t know for sure until the next update.

This seems be a very rare situation, but I know of at least a couple others from the QTR group who I was in conversation with at the time of the first failure who seemed to be having the same problem.

Here’s a link the that thread if you are interested - it was not resolved. It was a slight detour (my fault) from the original thread topic of “filter failed” but not a complete hijack. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

So just to be clear, I think I can make a tentative and preliminary suggestion that upgrading from Big Sur to Monterey has eliminated the disappearing printing system issue. It also seems to have resolved a recurring wake-from-sleep issue I had been having since sometime last November or December. If this seems a bit wishy-washy it is intentional. All digits crossed that saying this publicly doesn’t jinx it.

Good luck and call me if you want to talk about it,

That leaves me with some anxiety about DN profiles. I just updated several at great cost in time, money and materials. Were your profiles still solid after the update to Monterey?

Thanks for your answer my friend. Hope all is well.