All piezo ink carts now reading full, not accurate



i recently removed all my ink cats to shake, and most are about 1/2 full, but now all read full except shade 5 which reads 1/2 full and that is accurate.

why did this happen?

i did not reset any ink cart chips.

any way to have my epson 4900 read the current ink levels accurately again?



It sounds like your chips automatically reset. It is not our understanding that the chips reset with out manually shorting the two contact points. Do you think they reset themselves or is there some possibility that the contacts may have been shorted in some inadvertent way?


i don’t think I reset them by accident since I don’t see how I could touch both contacts in that way with something metallic.

Do you think my chips are still good?

Maybe they need to be replaced?


I just looked up your account - and the carts are about a year old. It may be as simple as a battery issue. Refer to this article:


so, in the future, if my carts start to read full when they are for ex. 1/2 full that is a sign that maybe the battery needs to be changed?

i will check. tks.


the batteries only last about a year - they are ALWAYS in an on state. So I am saying that while we have not heard of the 4900 chips resetting themselves - it is possible with the battery dying it may have mis-programmed itself.

To remedy - change the battery to new, fill the cart, reset the chip. it should keep up.


Since I shake my carts once a week, I am aware how much ink is left in each cart.

That being said, does having a battery in the chips matter for my use?



If you want to reset the chip when it reads empty - you will need batteries. We believe that you should use them with batteries in good condition.


If you visually monitor the cartridge ink levels, then the status monitor reading of the ink levels is not as important, but the chips do need batteries in place to be recognized by the printer, and to control reset.