All carts not recognized

I’m getting orange lights on all my cartridges on my R2880. I have taken them out and re-installed them but the error won’t go away. First time I have ever seen this happen. I’ve uploaded a shot of what it looks like from the utility window. What’s going wrong?


I have also unplugged the printer and turned back on and still the same thing

You probably have 1 chip that is not properly seated or is needing resetting.

We suggest getting resetters for this particular printer/carts because when one cartridge goes empty, it’s usually time to refill and reset all of them at once.

If you have a resetter, did you do this?


Hi Walker, thanks for replying. yes I do have a chip resetter but can’t figure out exactly how to use it on these carts. Could you explain what I need to do please.


Sorted it, thanks!