All Carts Need To Be Reset?

I just got home after a week away to find my 7880 saying, all carts cannot be read. This looks familiar, so I may have posted this before. I just don’t know where to find it.


Yikes. Turn printer off, pull carts (gently) check little coper sensor wires inside (top right) of ink bay. Replace carts (also gently), lock, turn printer on.

Make sure all your carts have chips on them!! I doubt it’s a reset need. Seems more like a chip connection issue. In the past I’ve wedged a small bit of cardboard under each cartridge (between it and the lip of the ink bay) to hold them in place.


No, they’re tight. This is an all-at-once issue. I remember seeing it once before and there was an easy fix. Is there a way to check my past posts?

I reset two carts, but the third one won’t reset. Now it’s just asking for that one (LK). Maybe a new chip will fix it.

What may have happened is a power surge on boot.

I think you need a replacement chip. Often what I’ve done in the past is use a chip from an old OEM cart lying around.

Hint: The chips (besides and MK/PK ones) are interchangeable on this printer. That means a Cyan will work in LK etc. It will show “non genuine” error but just hit pause and it will work. So if you have any other extra chips lying around you can use them or purchase one from us. It’s really important to have backups just in case, especially with older printer models.

I recommend placing the printer on a power conditioner.

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Holy cow, I never knew that! What other printers does that work on?

I have 3880, 4800, 4880, 9600

Sadly those other model chips won’t work on your printer


I meant with themselves.

The 4880 is interchangeable. None of the other models (with themselves)


Not the 4800? (extra characters added to allow posting)

4800 too. Sorry, too many emails flying for me today.


By Power Conditioner, do you mean a UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Power conditioners are different.

We use these things to keep our drum scanner happy even though we are in a super rural area with bad electric here at InkjetMall and Cone Editions Press. But it’s also useful to plug printer into. It keeps the voltage stable.