Air in c ink line 4880



Hi all
Ian haveing a problem with air in the c ink line on my 4880
It seem to be between the ink Carr and the the damper which I replaced
I am drawin fluid from the ink line after detaching the line from the top of the saner so the plastic elbow is not in the line of flow so it there must be air leaking in ether Dom the ink line itself or where the cart connects to the line
I have tried using another cart but still get tons of air bubbles so I don’t believe it’s the cart
Are ther any other places to look


Hi Mitch~

Wells just told me you called and discovered the ink line has a tiny hole in it, from mice that apparently had found a home inside the machine (!)
Compass Micro is a good source to get replacement parts, but replacing an individual ink line is not an easy or quick task. Wells said you asked about taking the hole, and I think that’s worth trying before replacing the ink line! I would try a flexible but sticky tape to seal the ink line, without restricting movement.

Best of luck!
Warmly~ Dana