Air Bubbles in Cartridge

I am new to refilling my own cartridges and to inkjetmall. Besides making a yyyuuuge mess and wasting a lot of ink (hopefully I will improve), I made a mistake on my 4th cartridge and forgot to remove the syringe when putting the ink into the cartridge. I quickly took off the syringe but now I have air bubbles in the yellow cartridge. I am afraid I will get air in the line. I tried to get the bubbles out but it seemed to make it worse as the cartridge was pretty full.

Should I worry and what should I do?


I suggest simply re-priming the yellow cartridge.


Sorry, how do I find where to do that?, Thanks…

Basically, you take the syringe that came with your inkset, you get a set of these priming tips (

Then you fill your cartridge and pull a small amount of ink from the exit of the cartridge that fits into the printer. This will suck and stuck air out of the exit area of the cartridge.


So you would have to puncture that plastic that goes over the exit port?
Thanks, Kathy

If it has gone into your printer, it’s already punctured. But yes (for a new one). (This is the alternative way to fill and prime an R3000 cartridge. The normal way is to “vacuum” fill it as is demonstrated in our instructions.)