Advice on buying a 3800 needed

I have the opportunity to buy a little-used 3800 in “Excellent” condition for $450. I would greatly appreciate some advice on evaluating this machine, advice on what to look for, if given the opportunity for a demonstration prior to the purchase.

I’m currently running an R3000 with K7-N inks and getting excellent results. The 3800 would give me the opportunity of making larger prints and of using both matte and glossy papers without the hassle that would be involved with the R3000.

Am I correct that one can power clean individual ink lines on the 3800?


Hi Harry,

Questions to ask the seller-
1.What is currently installed in the printer?
2.How long does this printer sit unused?
3.How old is it?
4.When was the last time it was used?

I am not aware of any way to Power clean individual lines on the 3800, you can purge the lines individually by running QTR flush images through Calibration mode (which can be painfully slow).

If you have the opportunity to put you eyes on the printer, 1st perform a Nozzle check-if it’s missing some nozzles, within 2 cleaning cycles it should clear up, if it doesn’t then it might need some further investigation.


Thanks for the reply, Kelly. The printer, according to the owner, had problems, mostly due to disuse. Someone else bought it.