Adjustment program will not install

I usually have my Epson 4900 connected to an iMac via a USB cable. Plugged the cable into Windows 7 PC and tried to select the 4900 model from the drop list but keep getting a printer not connected error. If I turn the Epson driver back on I can see ink levels and it can see the printer so it is on and connected. 7 of my 11 colors do not print at all when I run a check pattern. I need to run piezoflush through all the channels using the 11 empty tanks but can’t even get started. Help please. Trying to care for my 88 year old Dad so the printer has been idle for past 5 months.

Solved my problem. Re-seated the USB cord at the printer side and the Adjustment program started working. Why it worked before with the Epson driver is a mystery since both communicated via the same USB chord.