Accidentally put LLK ink into the LK cartridge

I just received a set of ConeColorPro K3 Vivid ink and refillable cartridges from you for my Epson 3880.

I accidentally put LLK ink into the LK cartridge. I haven’t filled the LLK cartridge so it seems like the best option is to swap the LLK and LK cartridges in my printer. I think I just need to exchange the large auto reset chip and the corresponding color position Epson chip between the LLK and LK cartridges. Does this make sense?

I also printed one color picture before discovering the error. I’m assuming I just need to print a few pictures in order to clear the LLK ink out of the LK line. Is this correct?

What should I do with the syringes and long blunt tip needles after filling the cartridges so that I can reuse them? It seems like they would clog when the ink dries inside the needles.


Hi Lynn~

Yes, you will want to switch the chips on the two carts, and write on them so you know LLK is actually LK and vice versa for future refilling.

Since you did a print with the LLK ink in the LK line, it may effect a print or two down the line, but I wouldn’t say that’s worth flushing (it takes 3 power clean cycles to get ink from carts to the print head, not just a few prints), so put the carts in the correct positions, and continue printing, knowing that at some point you may get a print or two with slightly lighter than normal output.

Syringes and needles should be rinsed with water and air dried to be used again.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: