Accessories for P800

I see that you now have a decoder board that works for the P800 and refillable ink carts available. Do you plan on developing a larger format waste ink kit for the P800?

I believe the waste ink resetter system for the 3880 will work on the P800 but we have not yet verified. I can tell you that 3880 waste ink tanks do work in the P800 though. We just have a tiny bit more testing to do.


I’m not sure you are referring to the same item. I’m looking at the tubing and exterior bottle that collects waste ink for the R2400, bypassing the internal waste ink pads.

The P800 does not have a waste pad (only the smaller format printers) but does have a removable waste ink tank (just like the 3880).


MY E800 has a waste pad, as did my 3800 before it. The thing is that you cannot buy the pad alone but must buy the plastic thing that it is mounted in also. WASTEFULL!!! We do need a tank alone; this would save money.

The 38xx and P8xx have waste tanks…

Please see this:,193873466839,,&gclid=CjwKCAjww6XXBRByEiwAM-ZUIMXHPB04k3bTf9m4ueu1EC-s1FUc0-wDwO6a1-vpyFv22lZuNtB5RBoCv9AQAvD_BwE

The waste tanks are where the waste ink goes . . . .

On these printers, there are also platen pads for full bleed printing, but nothing else.

These waste tanks are resettable although we are still working on the newest one (P800 waste tank resetting). The 38xx waste tanks can be emptied, filled back up with paper-towel and reset.


I don’t know what an E800 is, but there is an L800 in addition to the P800. The P800, 3880, 3800, pretty much every Epson printer 17" wide and up has a Maintenance Tank, not a waste pad. Waste pads are found in smaller printers and are not replaceable. (Well, technically they are, but it involves disassembling the whole machine to get to it.) It is those for which an external waste tank is useful. My nice little 1430 is a good example. When that internal Waste Pad is full the printer stops working. It can be reset once. Mine was about 6 months old when it reached that point, and fortunately I already had the external waste tank ready to install. I did have to track down a utility to reset the printer.

I’ve also had 3800s and 3880s (2 of each), along with a 7600 and a 4880, since the early '00s, and I’ve almost never had to buy a Maintenance Tank for any of them. You can generally get 2 use cycles out of the pad that comes in it, and thereafter you can replace the pad with all kinds of absorbent materials. The key is that you must reset the chip before it reaches full. If you wait too long the chip won’t reset, and you will need to replace the whole tank.

Walker knows these machines better than anyone else I know of. I suggest you guys pay attention to what he says.

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When you look at Epson’s website, they do not list a replaceable Maintenance Tank in the overview or specifications. I went back and looked for it and found it in the Accessories section with the roll adapter. B & H and Adorama do not give any information in their product listings to indicate the tank is user replaceable. If you haven’t owned a larger format printer before, what would lead you to believe the Maintenance Tank is user replaceable? It wasn’t until I went back to the product support area on Epson’s website and looked for a manual that I found any mention of a replaceable Maintenance Tank and how to replace it. This isn’t very user friendly.

The manual that comes with the printer (in printed form) talks about replacing the maintenance tank. Just have to read the manual. Also, when a tank is full and needs to be replaced, these 38xx and P800 printers pop up a very helpful “replace waste tank” warning which indicates (in my opinion) that the waste ink tank is indeed replaceable.


I’ve been trying to do adequate research before making the purchase. I was thinking I would need to circumvent the waste ink disposal, like I have done on my Epson R2400. Thanks for the help.

You do have a replaceable tank as the link above shows.

As In understand it, there is a resetter chip for the tanks as well, but I believe you have to have an empty, un-used tank on hand to reset the chip and then get the printer to recognize it.

The tanks on the older printers are easily emptied and reused, so I expect that the P800 should be as well (I haven’t done it yet on mine, but I’m very close now).

I have a resetter and a spare tank here, so I’ll do it as soon as the tank is full, which should be soon.

If I run into any problems, I’ll repost on the thread.

Have anyone tried to reset the p800 maintenance tank with the same resetter and spare tank?