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In this forum, Registered InkjetMall Customers can post questions about printer maintenance, IJM cartridges, and more. Non-registered users who have not requested access will be able to view but not post.

We do not officially offer support for fixing printer hardware. We support our inks and cartridges (products we sell) and not products that others sell. But we have many decades of experience fixing printers and if we have the time, we’ll help you on your journey.

Just a note, Epson printers are not always friendly machines. They are full of moving parts and they will eventually all die from use. Some printers last really well (ehem, 9880, ehem) and some printers have problems like the x900 and SureColor series (even though the x900s are such beautiful printers!!!). Before jumping to a conclusion that it is somehow our inks or cartridges that are at fault, please remember that we have been running x880 printers for the better part of a decade on their original OEM heads and ConeColor/Piezo inks at Cone Editions Press without a problem to the day. All that is needed is preventative maintenance and TLC. Our 9900s at CEP have lasted as long or longer on ConeColor ink and refill carts than the printers out there running OEM ink.

-IJM Support Team