Ability to create quad profiles ever be available to QTR & Piezography ink users?

Dana and/or Jon,

Just curious… Are there any plans to ever make the capability available to QTR & Piezography ink users to create their own quad profiles for various custom ink set mixes and papers?

Also, are there any plans to create a sharable library of quad and icc profiles, one that could be accessed by QTR & Piezography ink users?



You can right now! There is the QTR Curves Tool. We do not use it ourselves but many QTR users use it daily! There is a manual for its use on the qtr website.

We produced our own profiling application which does not use the same format, etc… but we compile the results out into a format that QTR can read called the .quad file.

We produce a free library and offer custom curves services. There are some limitations to the QTR Curves Tool. For example, the curious shape of Piezography Curves is not available in the QTR Curves Tool. Our shape greatly increases resolution as well as smooths out crossovers and totally eliminates dots.

Having said that - it does not mean that you can not create your own curves, etc. We do not discourage you. We just tell you that we have a very high standard way of making these ourselves and that the time and money spent trying to imitate the results may be better spent using our custom services.

Hi John~ You can certainly make your own curves using the curve creation process supported by QuadTone RIP, though we use a different process and many more patches to make our curves or use with QTR. So- you can make your own (this process is outlined and supported directly by Roy at QTR), or we can make you higher quality custom curves here.

We are in the process of compiling and uploading the Piezography soft proof profiles I have for our customers to download + use.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Two answers at once!! :slight_smile:

Great! Two “Thanks” at once!! :sunglasses:

I’ll study up on the QTR Curves Tool… but will send in a few custom curves service items in the mean time.

Looking forward to having the library of quad and icc’s available for download + use.