A question regarding UV Density with UV45

I am trying to understand about UV density obtained with UV45. Per your description:

  • Blocks the maximum amount of UV light (up to 4.5 UV density).
  • Can be printed in up to 10 layers.
  • Prints sharper and dries quicker than 100% dye inks.
  • Special polymers added for scratch resistance.
  • Can be printed at 720dpi, 1440dpi, & 2880dpi.
  • Greater UV density allows lower ink limits, better ink economy, and still produces enough UV opacity to burn silkscreens properly.
  • Can exceed 4.5 UV density when used in multiple ink channels, making it one of the most opaque silkscreen film positive inks ever released.
  • Can produce greater than 1.75 UV density or 3.30 Optical density in single channel strength.

Is the UV density of 4.5 for a single channel? I ask because I am confused by the other bullets - for example the last bullet that says 1.75. Do you have to use more than one channel to get 4.5? I have a Epson 1430. If I fill one channel with UV45, what is the UV density I would get if printed at 100% ink level with QTR?


On pro prints yes because they have the nozzles to do the coverage. But in reality you need at least 3 channels to get to that density.

On a 1430 you need all 6 channels.

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