A printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life

Ok getting this message of late… on 1430

A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life.
Please contact Epson Support.

Now what needs to be done…
I have cleaned the unit as directed by Injet utube as I have done before … but still getting this message, and now will not print a nozzle check… even after I shut off the unit and turn it back on.

Does something have to be repaired, are parts needed… if so does inkjet mall sell them?
thanks p.

BTW hope you all had a great thanksgiving… and enjoy the rest of the weekend…

Each time the printer does a head clean, the ink consumed has to go somewhere. There are largish absorbent pads at the base of the printer that hold this ink. Sooner or later they fill will up. The printer keeps a rough track of how much ink should have gone down the waste tubes into these pads, and there’s an algorithm that determines when the pads are full. Once this happens, the printer gives the message that you now see, and stops working. My experience is that it doesn’t just do this suddenly - there should have been a warning or two.

You have two options to keep using this printer. One would be to take it to an Epson service centre, have them replace the pads and reset the waste ink counter. That is almost never economic for a desktop printer, and especially for the 1430. A new one would be much cheaper, or at the very least, least close to the same price.

The other option is to download a program called the WICReset utility from 2manuals.com. This program will allow you to reset the waste ink counter yourself. You need to buy a key for each reset, but I think it’s only around $10 for one. There’s still the question of the full pads. Someone who is handy and has the service manual could replace them themselves, but I don’t recall ever hearing of someone who actually did that. What most people do is buy and fit a waste ink bottle. You still need to be a little bit handy to do this, but only a little. The bottle sits next to the printer and a length of tubing connects the printer’s waste ink lines to the bottle, so that the waste ink from each head clean is collected in the bottle. Periodically you can empty the waste ink tank. You may end up being horrified by how much ink is accumulated in the bottle.

The tanks are inexpensive. IJM sell them, as do most suppliers of alternative inks. http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.362672/it.A/id.7858/.f I have a preference for a more expensive model from a non-US supplier.

Thank your Brian… You got me set off in the right direction, and yes I had gotten two other warnings… but been having trouble with the Black, being stubborn in getting clean and printing with streaks, and then Epson shut me down… Sigh. One thing then another.

The WicReset / 2manuals … is one heck of a web site explained the whole thing.
Found on the web …

Showed how to hook up an external waste ink bottle for the 1430… and used an empty bottle of PiezoFlush that I reclaimed from the recycle trash can.
Went and spent fifteen cents for a foot of some 1/4 (OD) clear tubing from hardware store… put the one end into some boiling water and enlarged the end with a small Phillips head screw driver, and connected to the flush line… Drilled a hole in the cap of the PiezoFlush, with a secondary very small hole in the cap to allow air movement within the bottle, and shoved the tube into it.
Paid $9.00 for reset from WicReset… and the lights stopped blinking… yahoo and printer was ready to go, and it flushed with no leaks.

But still have a question… there is only one line correct… all 6 waste inks go to just that one tube, correct?

Don’t know for sure. Don’t have one. The 8 ink printers have two lines, but old 2100 had only one line for 7 colours, so one for 6 colours probably makes sense. Printer Potty have the worst product naming but the best instructions, so if that’s what they show, then I guess that’s probably right.

One tube is all.

Thank you, for the clarity…