A little inkjet humor--4th of July came early this year!

This is really about my all-in-one Epson WF-4720, a model that InkjetMall does not support.

Today I received a non-Epson, large black ink cartridge from the third-party company I had ordered it from -NOT InkjetMall. I had been careful not to install any new firmware in this particular Epson, so I expected good results after I put in the new black cartridge. Immediately upon removing the sticky paper covering the cartridge, a black fountain of ink nearly a foot high shot out covering the desk, the printer, numerous documents, the floor, and me. It appears that the designer and/or manufacturer of this product did not consider the possibility of it being used at 7000 feet or above. (I live in Santa Fe, the address to which the cartridge was sent.) 90 minutes later, my wife and I had finally removed the majority of the ink. I will never know if the cartridge would have worked, of course.

I have awarded this round on my AIW printer to Epson! Jon Cone, there is a market here if you ever want to extend InkjetMall’s reach.

Just a thought! I, also live in Santa Fe and have been using Jon’s inks for years. Bring over your cartridge and we’ll see if the Epson chip can be spoofed with my Epson Chip Reset from InkJet Mall. If it can, you’re home free. Mike


That kind of experience would make me a crabby guy too.