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I’m using Piezography Pro (PP) and have come across this:
piezography | Cone Editions Press (cone-editions.com)
On this page are examples of PP at different percentages. My question concerns the examples under “Available Blends” and the percentages. For instance, for the “Warm” example, it lists “Hue: 20% Neutral & 80% Warm”. Does that mean the 20% Neutral & 80% Warm is the same for each of the Highlights, Midtones & Shadows in the QTRgui ?

For the blends to which you refer, you’ll want to use the Blending Curve worksheet in PPE. Please note, it’s not in v2.2.2, so you’ll need to use v2.2.1 for now.

Unfortunately, I don’t have PPE, even though I attended a Piezography workshop September 2012. I know we all downloaded something but I don’t think it was the full PPE program.

Gotcha. 2012 would not have been PPE. PPE beta was sometime in 2016. IIRC, in 2012 K7 was the thing. Some folks were printing via QTR, others via StudioPrint. We were using Bowhaus IJC/OPM.

Your path forward is to use the free profiles in the [Community Edition] (https://piezography.com/downloads/piezography-community-edition) or purchase the Pro Edition.

In my experience, the free profiles are REALLY REALLY good. You’ll need to purchase Pro If you want to calibrate to your printer(s), make your own blends, or control the split-tone more carefully than you can with the Print Tool sliders.

I just re reread my question and the date I attended the workshop was 2021 not 2012.

Keith, I should have given you access during the workshop.

I just did now.


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Thank you! I hope to put PPE to good use.
In a previous post/question I had mentioned that I currently have the i1Studio (the replacement for the ColorMunki) and was informed that it was not useful with the PPE for linearization, etc. I seem to remember reading somewhere what tools were usable and one was from DataColor (I believe), but I can’t find that information. I was looking at some previous items I had used to creat color profiles and came across a PrintFixPro that I had purchased prior to the i1Studio. The box says that it contains a “USB Dataccolor 1005 Spectocolormeter”. Would this be useable for the use in PPE? It has all the hardware & software included.