A) high marks for Piezoflush b) three choices for new 1430 carts

I bought a refurbed 1430 a while back, since I knew they were going to be discontinued, and I continued to use my trusty 1400. I pulled the color carts from the 1430 and stored it with Piezoflush carts. After several months I did a nozzle check to see how the printer was faring… got quite a few empty lines in the nozzle check for several carts, but after only one cleaning it was perfect. Three cheers for Piezoflush!

I’d like to order a set of the new-design 1430 refillable carts and set them up with black. I see three choices, varying in the number of carts and whether or not syringes are included. Dumb question perhaps but are the cartridges the same from set to set, the carts varying only in the accessories? And - I may want to put the 1400 in mothballs, can I use the same Piezoflush carts?

PS: Perhaps I should’ve put part A in the Piezography forum. I did think about it, but the two parts seemed related in some way. Sorry, Walker!

Same carts. Only accessories vary.

Thanks, Walker. And I can move the Piezograph carts back and forth between the two printers with no issues?

yes. You can do this