A few nozzles not working


I have a 2880 which I cleaned with piezoflush. Only a few nozzles are blocked, and no matter how much I clean it it’s the same nozzles. Is there anything I can do? it does show on the prints as very faint lines.


Which method or methods did you use to clean your 2880 with PiezoFlush?


After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased our PiezoFlush print head cleaning kit in Feb 2013, but no carts or inks. I can direct you to printer cleaning and maintenance information, but can not support the inks/carts you’re using, or guarantee you’ll be able to fix your printer- there are many factors that can contribute to clogging.

What inks/carts have you been using?
How often is the printer used vs. how long does it sit unused?
What is the humidity in your printing environment?
What channel(s) are the clogged nozzles in?
Have you cleaned the capping station, wiper blade and bottom of the print head?
We have helpful printer maintenance info, which you can find here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?133-Printer-Cleaning-and-Preventative-Maintenance

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


I used a free sample of colorbat inks and inkowl carts and only printed a few pictures to test the nozzles. The problem is only a small group of nozzles don’t work, mainly on the cyan channel. I cleaned them several times, including the wiper and capping station. The printer used to work perfectly at one time.


Bummer!!! I have never heard of these inks, but just checked and see their inks are called “Demon Drool”, “Spider Spit”, and “Swamp Dew”, and the free sample size of 1/4oz is about enough to 1/2 fill a cartridge… It sounds like the free sample may have caused damage to your printer (or it may just your printer’s time), so it may or may not be possible to clean/fix. I don’t see any helpful support on their site, so not sure they can/will help you after experiencing problems after using their products.

It this was my printer, I would contact the company you got ink/carts from for support, then flush the print head a few more times with PiezoFlush, and maybe install a set of PiezoFlush filled carts in hopes of getting all the channels printing well again.

Best of luck to you!