A cartridge went empty

I own an Epson 4900.

Somehow PK ran empty before the printer thought it really was, so air got into the line.

If I switch to MK the check patterns are fine.

I have refilled and re-primed the PK cartridge, what is the best way to re-prime the line and purge air out?

Thank you

You’ll want to re-prime the cartridge and do 2 power cleanings to get the air out.

These chips are auto-reset chips. When they are empty they often appear as a chip error that is resolved by taking the cartridge out and putting it back in. But beware, this is just resetting the chip in this case. Always check levels often and take that time to agitate your cartridges.


Ah this is what must have happened!

I tried two power cleanings but the PK channel isnt coming back at all.

Do I keep doing power cleanings until it does? Ive read this can damage the head, so checking in before.