9900 Pro Inkset Remapping Plan - Bad Green Channel

Hi Walker and all -

Just running a remapping plan by you. About to fire up a 9900 with Pro inks but the 9900 has a bad Green channel at the head. Printer already cleaned flushed and ready to load.

My preference is to make the full COOL set of inks (despite the fact that this lines up less well with the existing curves). I think I’ve followed along, but with the large printer and ink volumes, better safe than sorry so checking first.

Bad Green channel means I will map that out and put in PF for protection.
My desire for cool means I have to find a new home for the Very Light Cool.

Use the standard Pro Ink Placements and Curves for Warm ProK4 (leaving Orange/Very Light Warm unused)
Use the standard Pro Ink Placements for Cool ProK5 (skipping the bad Green/Very Light Cool)
Load the Pro Very Light Cool Ink into the Orange Cart giving a modified Cool K5 positioning.
Map the Cool K5 Green curves into the Orange Channel.
Zero out the Green Channel/Curve.

Install the custom Cool K5 curves with the standard K4 curves (Warm and Cool).

Print with either a K4/K4 Pro Mix and or a mix of Warm K4 and the Custom Cool K5

Side note:
I am migrating from classic K7 setups on a 3880 with Selenium for prints and DN and a 3800 with WN Inks. Both run perfectly. Future use of either is TBD the success with the above particularly the ease of using DN on the 9900.

Thanks for checking my homework!


Hey scott. This procedure is a’ok (by the boo).