9900 - pro ink set 11

New to Piezo but exited about getting setup. Bought the new pro inkset with 11 channels for the 9900. When I load the printer do I use the Quad 9900-proK5.pkg? What does the K5 stand for?
For the 3800 I see just a pro installer but not for the 9900.
Also for DN which curves do I use?

ProK5 is the one you want. It will install the curves that use all 10 (printable) channels of the printer. 5 channels are used for the cool side and 5 channels are used for the warm side.

DN is available here: PiezoDN – Digital Negatives for Artists | Piezography But there is only a beta curve for the Pro ink until we finish the driver (entirely updated code that does not require QuadtoneRIP) to make better (dot free) negatives.