9900 on a restaurant rack

While watching your youtube video on 9900 maintenance, I saw your 9900 is on a restaurant rack. Could you share the size rack that you use for this? The largest I found is 72" by 24", but after measuring my 9900 it seems like its slightly wider than the rack.

Also, it appears the ink bay doors were removed - can the machine print with the doors removed, or did you have to disable a sensor to do that?

Thank you.

I too would be interested in the racking you use for stacking printers, the restaurant racking i have seen does not look like it would hold a big printer?

@IJM_TechSupport has the dimensions. I’ll let her reply to that.

Yes, you can print with the cover removed. Pop the covers and then just manually switch up the little white levers at the top right of each bay.


We bought ours from Uline - here is the link. Uline restaurant rack. It’s heavy duty!

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