9900 ink spots - replace ink selector unit?

I’m getting some ink drops happening consistently on medium to large prints. We are using Epson 9900 + Piezo Pro system. So far I’ve cleaned the capping station and wiper blade but the ink drops persist.

I’m wondering if the next stage would be replacing the ink selector unit, Pump cap assembly, or both?

Example photo is from a roughly 24x36" print.


This is indicative of a very dirty head (stuff collecting on head during cleaning and dropping off during print time). Time to remove the right cover and take a look at it .


Thanks Walker - I will try that asap.

Out of curiousity - when do you recommend replacing an ink selector unit and pump cap assembly? Other than dropping ink, we are also working to eliminate banding in some channels that happens about 1-2x per week, depending on frequency of printing.

My 9900 is about 3 years old; I bought a refurbished one from a dealer that was never inked up with any ink (Epson included). It has the original ink selector and pump cap assembly. I remember with my 9800 I replaced the dampers yearly, but that was an easier process than the ink selector replacement.