9900 ink selector replacement

I already replaced the capping station and tested the nozzles. Great improvement!
As I also purchased the ink selector, planing to replace shortly. Few questions:

  • based on the Epson manual I have to dismantle the printer again (right/left panel). Could I access the ink selector from the front and avoid dismantling?
  • do I need to drain the ink?
  • any other advice?

Thanks. Oliver Klink

No need to drain the ink but you do have to get at the selector by taking top and left side off.


Thanks Walker.

Replaced the Ink Selector … made one mistake by not adding the rubber seal from the old ink selector (not sure why the new Ink selector didn’t come with the rubber seal :frowning:
Consequences was bad, as the printer got “flooded” with piezo flush, when I restarted the printer. Ink was pouring down from the resting position of the print head.

Now I have a few issues:

  1. Nozzles which showed clean check before the Ink selector change have now broken line again. One nozzle completly disappeared. (I have redone Fill Init, Power cleaning)
  2. I have some ink drops on the print (edge of the paper, and even on the paper)

Could the flooding have caused the capping station to go bad?
Or where should I go from here?

Thanks for the input … Oliver.

You need to get replacement o-rings asap, pull selector and inspect. pull head and inspect ribbon cable and ribbon cable contacts. Make sure nothing is corroded or shorted. You may have gotten liquid in the electronics.