9900 carts not always reconized



I purchased three carts LT BLK, Green, Cyan. I first installed the LT BLK cart and it was not recognized, I tried many different corrective measures and none worked. I called and it was decided a new cart would be sent to me. That one did not work either. I decided to change the green and Cyan carts to see what would happen. They worked fine but the LT BLK still did not work. I ordered a Epson LT BLK cart and replaced your cart with it and it worked fine only now the Green and Cyan carts are not recognized. I kept trying different corrective measures and sometimes the Green cart would be recognized, but never the Cyan.

I have only used Epson 350ml carts and yours are 800ml.

I read all the FAQ’s and forum treads and tried there suggestions except changing chips or resetting chips. I do not have a chip re-setter.

What should I try next?:confused:


I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your printer not recognizing all the refill carts.

We have noticed the carts we received in the most recent shipment occasionally have physical fit issues, which cause errors like what you are experiencing. After much testing, I determined the chips are good, but the slight dip in the plastic around the chip area can cause the chip to not have a good connection with the printer’s chip sensor. In most cases, adding a thin wedge of folded paper under the cartridge, or a few layers of masking tape to the bottom of the cart (right behind the triangle locking area) is enough to make a good connection so the printer is able to read the chips. Other than this recent and occasional issue, we feel the carts work very well, so this chip issue is a real shame… We have communicated this issue to the cartridge manufacturer, but they were unable to offer a good solution, so we have been testing a new cartridge design for the past few weeks, and feel this new cartridge is the best design we’ve seen to date. We should hopefully receive the new carts in a few weeks. Many people are using the 800ml carts with excellent results after adding a few layers of masking tape to resolve the physical fit issue, so I recommend you give this a try, as it will be the easiest/quickest solution to get you back to happily printing.

Please let me know if you have questions, your results, or if there’s anything else I can hop you with.
Best regards~ Dana


I tried adding layers of tape to see if that would fix the problem. I went up to 7 layers thick of masking tape and I still have the same problem. If i try to build it any more is there a possibility of causing damage to the chip on the printer? That is the last thing I need to happen. I am a professional photographer and any down time for my printers can become very costly. I hope you understand my situation. Thank you.


Thanks for the update, I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to get the carts recognized after trying my suggestion.

Another customer with the same carts and same issue posted he had success using 1 layer gaffers tape, covered by 3M white artist tape (here’s the thread: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?632-epson-7900-flush-carts-not-recognized). I’m not sure why different tape worked better for this customer, and I don’t recommend adding any more layers than you have already. Others who have tried the tape suggestion and reported success, said they only used 2-4 layers (of masking tape). Did you try the tape on one cart, or all three refill carts?

Please let me know so I can gel you get back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana


I tried the tape on the green and the cyan carts. I bought an epson cart for the light black. I have duct tape and I will try that. If that does not work, is there another company that makes carts I can use with your ink until you straighten out the cart problem? If not I would like to return everything and go back to Epson until your problems are rectified. The printer has to be up and running by next Monday. Thank you.


I tried duct tape with artist tape over it and I still can not get it to work.


I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to get the refill carts working in your printer. We will give you a credit for the carts, and hope you give our new carts a try when they arrive in a few weeks- I’ve been having great results with them, and feel they’re the best carts I’ve tested for this printer model to date.

Please let me know if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Warmly~ Dana