9890 VLM Channel partially blocked

Hello I have attached a picture of my nozzle check. As you can see the VLM is partially blocked. i have done several pair cleaning (normal and powerful) still no luck. Is there anything else i can do to clear the blockage?

This is a de-laminated print head. See that nozzle scatter to the right of the VLM in the gap area? That channel is dead (soon the LC will go too). Sorry for the bad news.


What would cause de-laminated print head?
what are my options once vlm and lc channel is dead?
thanks very much for your input and suggestion.

A lot of things cause the de-lamination. Miss-aligned cleaning assembly is the big one.

You have the ability to do K6 Matte black Piezography printing with this printer still.


how do i find out if the cleaning assembly is misaligned?