9890 using gloss black and GO

Hi Dana

I have an urgent project I am working on and I am trying to print with thew GO. I found out the hard way about the annoying totally senseless epson sensor and did not manage to print the GO all the way.
I understand that Jon work around is to have a full system including matte , glossy blacks and GO and print the GO in the same time you print the image with the glossy black.
I Have a curve that I invested endless amount of time to create because of low densities (I do not know if you remember but you tried to help me with that).
my question - can I use the curve I have and add to it the channel for the GO so it will work ?

thank you


The short answer is no. DualGO printing requires an extremely fine-tuned .quad that is very different with how it inks than a normal .quad for K6 or K7 printing.

However, it is possible to do GO printing on the 9890. The trick is to fool the sensor that is looking for paper white (right side of the sheet as it goes into the printer).

  1. Set printer to sheet mode.
  2. Place (already printed) sheet into the slot.
  3. Put a white piece of paper of the sensor hole (it’s where the paper goes into the printer a few inches in from the right edge of the paper. It’s looking at the emulsion side of the paper.)
  4. Load the paper by hitting the down arrow.
  5. Keep the white piece of paper over that sensor the entire time the GO pass is printing.
  6. Because the printer will not know where the end of the sheet is, you must keep and eye out and pull away the white piece of paper covering the sensor right before the printed art-work escapes from the bottom of the printer.

This is a finicky thing to get right so practice on a spare print first.

Could you explain the problem with using GO in the 7890/7900? I have a 7900 with a bad orange channel and was hoping to use GO in the green channel. The printer seems to work fine when using the 7890 driver, so for now I’m keeping it for color (it came with a lot of ink I’d like to use).

The problem with the x900s and x890s is that there is a sensor that will stop the printer printing if it senses any paper that is not white going through the printer. This can be tricked (as described above) by putting white paper over it.

Printing GO at the same time as the other ink does not work with K6 and K7 because of the amount of ink going onto the paper and because that ink is wet.


Thanks. I made a GO quad file my green channel printing with piezoflush. I fed one plain sheet through which worked fine. Fed an already printed image and was expecting an error, but it worked just fine and sprayed a nice even light magenta coating, just like the plain sheet. Is this an issue only with larger sheets (I used an 8x10)?

Thank you very much Walkerblackwell - the project is printed and done using you recommended technique of fooling the sensor with small white paper.


Loaded in the GO and I tried a few small prints and they worked work fine. Moving to a 17x24 sheet and the issue was there. I wonder where the cutoff is. I also wonder if the sensor could be moved to the edge so a 1" margin would be sufficient to keep it happy. Holding the paper isn’t too hard, so it’s probably not worth much more effort to me. It’ll be nice having the GO for some larger color prints. Thanks again for your help.