9890 Refillable Cartridge - interior leaking



I have several cartridges that are showing ink on the inside where is should not be.

I tried to upload an image but it id not seem to work.

Cause? How can I keep it from happening?


You should not have ink on the inside of the cart. but I am not certain what you are referring to. I will PM you directions for uploading images


I sent the image to Cathy earlier today.


You should not have ink where it should not be. I will PM you with instructions for the images.


Hi Kent~ I reviewed your photos, and it looks like one cartridge has a leaking internal ink bag, and that caused ink to leak out of the air inlet point, which traveled thru the pressure lines and into the air inlet points of the other cartridges, getting ink in the cartridge body of the other carts. From your photos, this appears to be the carts in the left bay of your 9890, but there is a magenta (or light magenta) cartridge as well- can you please confirm which cartridges have ink in the plastic body? I believe the PK or MK cart bag leaked (based on your photos, and not seeing the color position label of the apparent leaking bag cart). With the carts that have ink in the cartridge body, you can tilt the carts forward to force ink forward, which will drip out of the air inlet point- drain as much of the ink out of the air inlet point as possible (you will not be able to get it perfectly clean, but the carts will still work well). Please let me know which cartridge is the leaking culprit, and we will send you a replacement right away.

Please let me know so I can help you resolve this and get back to happily printing~ Dana


You do not see any issues with my continuing to use until I get the culprit(s) replaced?
I will send you the information this evening so I insure that I tell you the correct ones.


You should drain ink out of the cartridge body (thru the air inlet point) with all the carts that got ink pushed into them, before reinstalling any of them into your printer. Do NOT use the cartridge that has a bad bag- please insert the Epson cartridge in that position until the replacement refill cart arrives.

Please keep me posted so I can help. Best regards~ Dana


It appears that the photo black and the matte black are the the culprits.
The photo black definitely the matte black because it is on the other side and the Vivid Magenta has black ink in it.

Will having the ink inside the cartridge shorten the lifespan of the cartridge?
I drained what I could but there is still more floating around. I tipped and drained and then left sitting upright over an older model waste tank that still had life left in it.
I will need to order ink but that is on a different part of the site.

When I filled the cartridges I filled them to the top leaving very little space – could that have caused this? or was I just lucky?


Hello~ I’m checking in to make sure you received the replacement cart and see how things are going.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: