9890 not reading cartridge



I just installed all 9 colors and 7 were okay but 2 colors that my printer can’t read. Then I mess with them a little and got 1 fixed but then other colors started doing the same thing. No matter what I do or get to read the other ones start having the same issue. Please helpppp!!!


I got my ink cartridge from you few days ago.


Hi Nas print~

I’m sorry to hear your having difficulties with your printer correctly recognize all of your refill carts.

In order to figure out what’s going, and help you get back to happily printing, please tell me details about your situation, and answer the following questions:

  1. What color position cartridge is consistently not being recognized by your printer?
  2. What is the exact message displayed on your printer’s LCD screen for this cartridge?
  3. If you reinstall the Epson cartridge in this position, does the printer correctly read all the other refill carts?
  4. Please clarify what you did to “mess with” the carts, and got one of the two carts to be recognized.

Please let me know so I can help resolve this right away.
Best regards~ Dana


1.light black
2.no cartridge install ink cartridge
3.most of them go unreadable with a x mark
4.push them slightly to left , take them in and out, reset …


Any suggestion?!!


Thanks for the additional information.

So, with all 9 refill carts installed, the printer gives the “NO cartridge” error and signals the LK cartridge, but if you reinstall the Epson LK cartridge, other cartridges display errors?
When other carts “go unreadable with a x mark” do you get the exact same “No cartridge, install ink cartridge” error, or a different error?


Same error


I need to make few orders soon, is there anyway you can replace that cartridge so I can get my stuff up and running?!! It is not a chip issue because I placed a new chip and still no success.


Can you guys just call me so I can get this fixed?! I’ve been on the phone and online with you guys to get some problems solved and here we are at 4pm and no legit response. I just spent $850 with you guys to get my orders done and I’m not getting nowhere!!! I really do need this thing to work ASAP


I was just doing some testing with our printer and these carts, because if you reinstall the Epson LK cart and get errors with other carts, then I’m not positive a new LK cart will solve your problem- and want to get this fixed both correctly and quickly.
I can have a new LK cartridge sent to you, and would appreciate if you could please let me know your results. Meanwhile, I will continue testing on my end to see if I can replicate what you’re experiencing to figure out why it’s happening (and how to resolve it).

Please keep me posted, best regards~ Dana


Thanks, this is stressful.


When I put EPSON lk printer reads it but 6 of other colors show x on them except 2 colors. But when I put your lk in , it shows all colors filled except lk


I understand your frustration, and we’re here to help. What you are experiencing is strange, and the information you provide is very helpful for me to help figure out the cause and solution to your problem. Your new cartridge was shipped today via FedEX overnight, and should be delivered tomorrow.

Please keep me posted on your results, and let me know if you have question sir there’s anything else I can help you with.
Again, we’re sorry that you’ve experienced this problem, and are dedicated to helping you resolve it.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: